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Nanny Roxy just loves to indulge her babies who like to be sisses. She loves to dress up her sisses in her favourite pink frilly dresses made with lace and silk with lots of ribbons in their hair or maybe a frilly bonnet. She  teaches them to sing naughty nursery rhymes and little sissy songs in a girly voice

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Nanny Roxy loves to chat to all types of adult babies No matter what their fantasy she will be happy to role play your favourite fantasy.

Whether you want to regress to babyhood and be held tight and snuggled up warm with nanny to potty train you and enjoy toddler training. Perhaps you just like  having a wet nappy. Nanny roxy will be there to chastise you for being dirty and will change you and make you clean again. Do any of these fantasies sound familiar to you. Do you fancy being one of my babies or being sissified. I am waiting for you with nappies at the ready.

Why not give one of us strict but kind nannies a call  and you could  be enjoying your fantasies from the comfort of your own home. Nanny Roxy is just one of several nannies waiting to pamper you. Nanny Roxy has lots of adult babies that call me for a telephone chat. Some of them like to dress up for their call back and some of them just like to close their eyes and use their imagination. Some of my callers just love to be a sissy baby, enjoying the humiliation of being made to wear a nappy or a girlie dress or even been taken back in  their fantasy to being a naughty boy in short trousers. If nanny Roxy is busy in her nursery you might like to have a fun filled fantasy with nanny Amelia. Nanny Amelia loves working in her adult nursery she loves to wear her black stockings and her shiny white plastic apron.

Nannys adult babies love to feel secure on her knee being bounced up and down and held close to her ample breasts. Nanny Amelias adults babies arrive at her nursery and are immediately made to fell safe and secure. Nanny takes her babies into the nursery holding their hand and leads them to a giant baby changing mat. There is a large pile of cosy terry nappies and plastic pants,  some nappy  safety pins, cream and talcum powder all laid out and hanging on a rail are several pink and blue baby grows dresses and accessories.

Nanny Amelia loves changing her adult babies putting on their warm nappy and dressing them up. Some of her babies want to stay overnight so she has a lovely large white cot with lacy white covers just waiting for her babies to get cosy and cum up to sleep. Nanny Amelia enjoys feeding her adult babies, some of them need to be put in a highchair and spoon fed, other babies want to be bottle fed. Nanny Amelias toddler babies can be sat on her knee and spoon fed.

At playtime nanny Amelia likes to teach her babies nursery rhymes and counting games and some of them like to play on Nanny Amelias swing in her private walled garden. Potty training is one of nanny Amelias specialities. She has a lovely row of pink and blue potties and she will teach her babies how to sit and do wee wees and number twos in the potty and to be a good clean baby and not to dirty that warm nappy. Nanny Amelia always has room in her nursery for another adult baby and whatever pleasure she will endeavour to fulfill your fantasy.

Baby Michael is one of Nanny Amelias baby boys. Michael loves to be dressed by nanny in a terry nappy, rubber pants and a large white baby grow. He loves to be rocked back and forth on her knee and have his hair stroked and he likes to suckle on nanny Amelias breasts. This gets him so excited that he wets his nappy and then has to be changed. Nanny Amelia pops off his nappy and wipes him clean and puts cold cream on his bottom before putting him a new nappy on.

Do you have adult baby fantasies like Michael, don’t be shy give us a try. Nanny is waiting for your call. Give us a ring and share all your baby fantasies with us we have nannies of all ages just  at the other end of the phone so go pick it up and dial that number now

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